Monday, May 9, 2011

Indonesia Tourism - exotic and dangerous

Have you been Indonesia? Most people know more about Bali as the Indonesia, while in fact, is Bali in Indonesia. Bali is a province of Indonesia. It is an island which attracts tourists from other countries. The Indonesia itself was so other tourist destinations. The Indonesia is an exotic country. He has more than 17,000 islands, the second longest coastline in the world. The Indonesia is a tropical country. It has so many types of tropical plants and animals that are really worth of victims.

Something else interesting on tourism in Indonesia is their culture. The Indonesia was on the ethical hundreds tree different groups and 250 distinct languages, all with their different cultures. It makes the rich traditional culture Indonesia ending you never enjoy. Many traditional ceremonies and exotic places such as temples, traditional houses and shows. Borobudur, a Hindu temple is a must see place during the visit of the Indonesia. It is one of the wonder of the world that attracts foreign tourists to come. Another temple, Prambanan is also a magic temple which, according to popular history, was built only in a single day.

The local populations of the Indonesia are famous with their friendliness and kindness. Enjoy the smiles and warm hospitality which is already in their blood for many years. All do the same Indonesia more worthy to visit.

However, many incidents were happening in recent years. It significantly reduced the visit of foreign tourists. July 2009, seven people died of suicide bombers j.w. Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jakarta. It begins in a few years before by a bomb attack in Bali, which has also had some lives, including foreign travellers. Although terrorists was arrested and executed by the death penalty, the country is not 100% safe. There may be opportunities for other terrorist acts to occur. These anarchist acts was a big disappointment for all people worldwide especially for local populations. Stop all the threat in Indonesia.

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