Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nine things to do with a Dollar in Indonesia

In today's world a dollar seems like loose change, but if you are in Indonesia or plan to visit in the future, here are ten things you can do with one dollar.

1. Have a cup of coffee and a snack in a Caf? Street

The Indonesia is renowned for its culture of caf? Street, located in the most unusual and picturesque places. Stop seaside of Riau, order coffee and indomie, or simply take a running order a drink with a snack spicy throughout the island in Indonesia.

2. Visit a mall

Most urban areas in Indonesia have a shopping centre, where you can walk in the luxury of air conditioning and stop by a food court. Inside a restore typical, you can order a cheap ice tea or a coffee and watch the crowds.

3. Have a cup of hair and head Massage

Hairdressing salons are common in Indonesia, and some offer a haircut with a relaxing head massage. It is relaxing way pass a few hours in the entire Indonesian city.

4 , Take a Local Bus and explore a city

30 cents pay usually for a trip on one of the many local buses that drive around all Indonesian urban areas. Take a cultural trip in responding to the local population and view the sights of your window.

5. Go fishing

The Indonesia is a country of Islands and all you need is a bamboo pole and line, and you may stop by the sea front and simply relax while you fish. A bamboo fishing rod, costs less than a dollar move from street vendors.

6. Browse the Internet

For a few hours, you can chat, surf the net or simply watching a movie online to most internet caf├ęs, which spread to even the most remote regions of the Indonesia.

7. Call your friends

The Indonesia has some of the rates lower national telephone in the Asian region. A Sim Card can cost as little as 25 cents, one dollar would be sufficient to call friends in Indonesia, at least three hours.

8. Explore a Local market

Local markets are abundant, and for a dollar, you can be surprised what you can buy several pairs of socks, a couple of posters or even craft local.

9.Visit a Local Museum

Most museums outside of Jakarta, the capital of the Indonesia, costs less than a dollar to enter, and you can explore the Indonesian history for hours. Discover the ancient wayang puppets, or the arts that have made so famous Indonesia.

The Indonesia is both a modern and traditional, country where every street brings a surprise. Explore the Indonesia can be a fascinating, and affordable experience even on low budget.

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